This book contains 31 recipes for smoothies that are based on kale and spinach leaves. The combination of fruits and vegetables are absolutely delicious, and healthy. You can have a green smoothie whenever you want, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ..
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Feng Shui, tratata mai mult ca "arta chineza a amenajarii mobilierului si a locuintei astfel incat sa aduca bunastarea si sanatatea", sau doar ca "stravechea arta chineza a amenajarii", poate fi considerata, in totalitatea sa, a fi, ceea ce este de fapt, pura "astrologie telurica". ..
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Cartea se adreseaza nu numai profesorilor ci si adultilor, adolescentilor si preadolescentilor si, paradoxal, nu este o carte de matematica, este o carte despre melancolia si parfumul unor vremuri trecute. Pregatiti-va sa fiti provocati pentru ca elevii dezinteresati vor deveni visatori, cei timizi indrazneti si cred ca profesorii demobilizati i..
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Close your eyes and teach them to see. To see in a world where seeing is everything means all to their inhabitants. But are you sure that what you see is real? The rivers of images that flow when you close your eyes, where do they come from? With your eyes open, but having them closed you can see a different reality, a reality within the rea..
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